1. Look-And-Feel of 3D-Brush

Here is the list of key program’s features:

- You can edit geometric details, color and specular.
- Working with the layers containing geometrical details, so as color and specular. You can apply the following effects on layers: camber (emboss), transparency, shine, contrast, brightness and modulation of geometry. It is possible to specify a type of color operation when applying a layer - for example, multiplication.
- Geometry editing is transparent for user, meaning small details get automatically transferred to normal map, while large ones modify the geometry.
This makes the number of polygons on object in editing rather insignificant. It is completely unnecessary now to create objects of 4 to 5 million polygons as detailing is created partly with texture and partly with geometry.

 - Instead of creating objects worth 5 million polys you can edit objects of 40-50 thousand polys. As details are hidden on texture, the equivalent resolution of the object is equivalent to a number of pixels on the texture map.
- High operating speed owing to low number of polygons on objects edited.
- Cover an object with a material made of map of depth, color and specular. Creating new materials is easy.

- Possibility to draw with complex-shaped brushes (like a tattoo), setting your own shapes of pen.
- Possibility to draw with brushes of ABR format (Adobe Photoshop format of brushes).
- Possibility to change mapping type - UV-map generation.
- Calculation of global occlusion with an opportunity of taking it into a separate layer.
- Possibility to draw along splines setting depth and width of pen for each point. This said, you can set longitudinal shape of pen similarly to a seam on fabric or leather surface.

- Different types of mapping for material application – from camera or cubic.
- Possibility to fill in self-contained parts of a set color with material similarly to flooding in image editing programs.
- Several types of modeling approaches available – vertex and pixel.
- Seamless object texturing.
- Export of objects and textures
- Current layer depth map export/loading. 




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