XI. Color


  1. Now it is necessary for us to learn to use color correctly. For this point the cursor on an icon "Color" and click on a square under an inscription "Color":



  1. You will see panel for choosing color, choose the color you liked. This color will paint the square you pointed at. It shows current color. You can choose the second color too, click on an icon right next to the first color icon in a box "The color" (on this picture the first color is blue, the second is yellow). The second color is used in a color channel (menu "Texture") while you work with the appearing list.


In addition:

For a fast choice of color you press and hold a key "B". To disconnect\connect usage of color, click with the right button of the mouse. It is equivalent to a choice of white color. You can take color directly from a surface, point the cursor on a corresponding place and press " V ". 





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