XV. Commands


  1. Point the cursor on menu "Commands" and you will see:

  1. Change mesh and texture resolution (it changes the number of polygons of the object and size of texture)
  2. Sync layer with Adobe Photoshop (This command allows you to synchronize the current layer with Adobe Photoshop. The alpha channel will contain the transparency mask. Hot key CTRL+P)

When you call on this command the program Adobe Photoshop will be open automatically with your file (1), and the mask of layer transparency will be located in alpha-channel. Then you can change it (2) and jump back to 3D-brush pressing Ctrl+ S. you will see changes youve done on the object in (3):

Source file








  1. Unhide all (Unhide all hidden faces. Hot key "CTRL-X")
  2. Unfreeze all (Hot key - "CTRL-D" is used for all regimes)
  3. Calculation occlusion. (This tool allows calculating the global illumination from many spot lights that are distributed over the half-sphere. The grey scale results will be written to the current layer. So it is better to create a new layer and set color operation "Modulate" or "Modulate2X". The calculation can take a long time)
  4. You pressing on "Calculation occlusion" the warning will appear:


  1. Here you can define

- Light sources (distribution of lights): 1) over hemisphere 2) over sphere 3) over hemisphere + sphere

- Lights count (The time of calculation is proportional to that amount. The more light sources are there the better is the quality of lighting but the longer its calculation. The maximal value is 256, the minimal value 16. The example of occlusion is shown below).

- Lighting render target (Place where will be rendered the result of light calculations. You can choose to add new layer automatically or overwrite the current layer. In the first case you do not forget to delete a new layer for light calculation. Also a new color option "To time" is installed for a new layer. In the case of rendering the former layer all its color information will be deleted).


  1. The first example this object with render of 16 of light sources. The second example this object with render of 64 of light sources. In these examples difference in occlusion is clearly visible on a thorax of the image of the person.


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