XVII . Hot keys:


Main panels:

Open file (Ctrl+O)

Save file (Ctrl+S)

Save as (Shift+Ctrl+S)

Symmetry (S)

Material (M)

Diffuse channel (C)

Color (B)

Depth channel (D)

Specular channel (R)

Layers panel (L)

Pens panel (T)

Palette (F)

Drawing panel (ESCAPE)


            Regimes of drawing:

Left bottom of a mouse – pressing out

Left bottom of a mouse + Ctrl – pressing in

Left bottom of a mouse + Shift – smoothing

            [ and ] – Change of pen radius 

( and ) -  Additional angle of pen rotation

             "-" and "+" - change of pen depth



Shift + "+" θ Shift + "-" - change of level of smoothing



":" and "/" - change of transparency



"O" and "P" – change of transparency of texture


Sculptural modeling

CTRL – pressing in,

SHIFT – smoothing,

Z – shifting,

X – tangential shifting,

A – pulverizing,

Q – collapse,

W – make planer

"Left bottom of a mouse"  + "Z" - shifting,

"Left bottom of a mouse"  + "X" - tangential shifting

"Left bottom of a mouse"  + "Q" - collapse

"Left bottom of a mouse"  + "A" -  pulverizing

"Left bottom of a mouse"  + "W" - make planer

"Left bottom of a mouse"  + "Shift" -  smoothing

"Left bottom of a mouse"  + "Ctrl" -  pressing in

Shift + "+" and Shift + "-" – change a level of tool activity


Regime of a spline

Left bottom of a mouse – add point to a spline

Enter – draw extruded curve

"CTRL"+"ENTER" - for pressed in one

Esc – delete all points

"BKSP" - delete the last point



"Tab" - displacement of symmetry


Regime of copying and insert

"Ctrl" + "V" – insert a copied part 

"Ctrl" + "C" - copy a part

"Ctrl" + "Shift" + "C" - creation of a new pen from a site



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