V. Material


  1. Point the icon "Material". The menu "Material" has three channels: depth, diffuse, specular. Select any material and draw. On each channel you can put your own texture. If you choose one from material, then you will see all screen filled this texture.



  1. You can add your material if choose icon "Folder" (material must have format BMP, JPEG or TGA). Red sign means its forbidden to use the material. Quick menu of "Material" starts with key "M". Select any material and draw.
  2. Pay attention, if you choose display of a material even in one of channels (depths and/or, colors

    and/or specular, more detail about them look below) there will be a new panel above:

Using this panel you can change characteristics preview: "Hide/Show" hide/show full-screen view of texture, "Reset" place texture in origin position, "Flip X" - reflect texture mirror-likely across, "Flip Y" - reflect texture mirror-likely along vertical axes. Also there is a slider with the help of which you can change the transparency of a picture on the screen. Shift texture pressing right key of the mouse, rotate with ''CTRL'', scale with ''SHIFT'', and change the aspect of ration with ''CTRL'' + ''SHIFT''. Also there is a switcher you can define the way of material projection on the object with. If you choose regime "from camera" then material will be projected on the object from camera. If you choose regime "cubes mapping" material will be projected on the object through cube mapping.


4.      In this figure you can se

e display of imposing of a material in regime "from camera":



  1. Pay attention, on a right panel there are inscriptions "Depth", "Diffuse", "Specular". Point to one of them. You will see menu:


whether the material is chosen


  1. Pressing on a red sign (the first in the list on the right) you will forbid change of the channel for drawing whether depths, diffuse or specular. Pressing the second in the list on the right an icon with image ("hill" or "sphere", changes depending it what channel we work), you will enable editing in applicable channel, without overlay additional texture in this channel. You will draw with a pen not disguised by the material. An icon with image folder with question means that texture in the corresponding channel, using for overlay by drawing is not chosen. If texture is chosen, the folder with a question change on a square with a texture of depth, diffuse or specular (in dependence in what channel we work). Try to click on channel of depth on icon "hill" and draw, then square with the texture and draw. You will see a difference.


  1. Quick menu of ''Depth'' - "D", "Diffuse" "C", "Specular" - ''R''. Use "~" key for quick accessing the semi-transparent panel which contains parameters of all three channels in compact form.


  1. An icon "Folder" allows setting another texture for the channel. If you set the texture

for color channel, remember that alpha-channel of the texture is used as additional mask for

color laying.




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