VII. Diffuse


  1. Point the cursor on an icon "Diffuse". Pressing on a red sign you can forbid drawing color for the texture. Pressing on a green sphere icon you enable editing in diffuse channel, but without overlay additional texture in this channel. A folder with a question mark means that additional texture in channel "Diffuse", using for overlay by drawing is not chosen. Pressing on the folder you can replace your texture:


  1. The scroll box of "Transparency" is the transparency to put color by a pen while drawing. You can reduce or increase a transparency using hot key - "" and "" accordingly. You can see that depending on a transparency color of a segment on the cursor of a pen varies. A segment is showing depth of relief lying. Segment will be blue and its size depends on level of a transparency.


3.      You can use button where dropping out the list determines the rule for the color to draw:

- Use current color (use current color to draw)

- Use randomly one of two colors (use randomly one of two colors to draw)

- Use random color between two (use random mix of two main colors)




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