Why do you need 3D-Brush program?


You may ask: "Why is the 3D-brush program necessary when there are such programs as Zbrush or Mudbox?" 3D-brush is not intended to make a human body out of a sphere or a cube. The main goal of the program is detailing and texturing of objects already roughly shaped in another 3D-package. Here you work initially on detailing level equal to 3 to 5 million of polygons. Owing to use of normal mapping as opposed to geometrical splitting the editing and object viewing speed has increased. As known, it is rather easy to shape an object – this would take up to a few hours. However detailing and texturing is a lengthy process taking 3 to 10 times more time then modeling the draft itself. 3D-brush is designed specifically to speed up this part of technological process. The program contains tools for sculptural modeling, so a considerable change of shape is also be possible, however the main program’s function is detailing.


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